Certification and Documentation

Accurate and comprehensive documentation is the key to any successful strategy. In devising a strategy, the purpose of the documentation must be carefully considered. Planning for moves, adds and changes; fault analysis and rapid recovery from problems; and the long-term storage of information concerning the infrastructure for analysis are all functions that must be considered.

Although some individuals will spend a long time using the documentation and the associated systems, others will be only occasional users. For these reasons, any system must be simple. It must also be fun to use (at least not frustrating); if it is not, users will avoid the system. As a result, the quality of the documentation will rapidly deteriorate to the point where it becomes useless.

Triumph utilizes the latest high tech equipment to certify your high end cabling, giving you the best results for your network. With our highly experienced technicians on staff, we can give and explain the performance of your cabling to meet your needs.