Design and Support

Triumph Cabling Systems earns your business by listening first and suggesting second. Every application (large or small) is unique. There may be similarities, yet every application demands attention to detail. Triumph works on your design and will actually walk the halls of your business and point out logistically where your cabling is suggested and recommended by the industry standards governed by Building Inspectors.

We’ll do a comprehensive initial assessment of your network cabling needs (copper, fiber optic or wireless) at no cost to you. We may make several site visits, survey the situation in detail and thoroughly assess all system requirements. By performing a comprehensive Needs Analysis, we can determine from the very beginning, exactly what needs to be in place, the most effective way to connect all system components, and what steps must be taken to make sure upgrading and expansion are as easy as possible.

Getting your cabling system installed and your network up and running is not the end of the story. In fact, in some ways it’s only the beginning. Triumph Cabling Systems is with you every step of the way, including extensive ongoing support long after the last connection has been made.

Enhancements are constantly required as offices are remodeled, equipment is upgraded or changed, or new stations are added to the system. That usually means adding more connectivity, and, even though we’ve built in the ability to do so from the start, those new connections need to be made. You can rest assured we’ll be there in a timely fashion to make sure the changes are done right.