In 1992, Henry Garcia got into the cabling business. A young man and a desire for success, he moved up the ranks through the years by proving his work ethics and dedication. He dreamed of building a company that would deliver this each and every day. Mr. Garcia saw how companies did business and saw the lack of communication, detail, service and most importantly, integrity. He strongly believes “Build relationship first” and “Do business second”. Today companies are so concerned with margin and revenue that they have forgotten the most important aspect of relationship building and that is trust.

In 2003 while driving to work, he began to pray asking God for his own business. Being the only provider of the household and a new child on the way, Mr. Garcia knew this would have been a very difficult decision. In April 2004, Henry came home to his wife and two boys and announced that he quit his job. Then began the chapter of “TRIUMPH CABLING SYSTEMS”, A Company of Vision, Integrity, Value and, Teamwork. Henry knew the importance of these principles, and believed these were the foundation of a successful business.

Today Triumph is a well respected cabling and underground company based out of Houston, TX and is proud to have serviced over 500 companies throughout the country. From its humble beginnings, Triumph is a true community enterprise offering world-class telecommunications while hiring, investing and serving locally. With our core values focused on professionalism, excellence, and continuous improvement, Triumph exemplifies what it means to be a successful and admirable local business.

Definition- to be victorious or successful